Get Real Zine: The Beginning

One of the first zines i ever picked up was Taryn Hipp’s ‘Girl Swirl’ back when i was about 16 (i think?) and me and my best mate Sal ran away to Bristol for the weekend for ‘Bring Yrself Fest.’ Neither of us had been there before and we knew nobody there, we just saw a flyer online full of promises of a riot grrrl disco, loads of awesome bands and a diy adventure to be had. Walking into the Here Gallery was love at first sight; zines aplenty, big squishy settees to settle in to read, amazing artwork on the walls and a DIY disco going on in the basement. I’m very much a person who likes to take in a moment, not let something pass by without taking it all in and really appreciate it. I remember picking up the few issues of Girl Swirl that were in the spinning rack and starting getting to know Taryn through her confessionals, her diary almost, full of feeling and reflection. You know that feeling you get when you identify with something creatively and it makes you feel kind of euphoric, like you wanna run out of where you are immediately and make something happen. That overwhelming feeling of needing to purge that creative energy you now have brewing inside you. I cannot get enough of this feeling.

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Happy International Women’s Day 2014!

In a world where there’s people on social networks arguing on the daily about people being ‘good or bad’ feminists set against an international backdrop of gender inequality of varying levels, it’s important to keep a realist and positive head on our shoulders. We need to look back on our histories, look back on where we’ve come from and whose shoulders we stand on, who paved the way for the lives we lives today and most importantly, how our sisters all over the world live and how no woman’s experience is ever the same. Today is a great day to use the platform of IWD to celebrate women in all the different ways we exist, share stories of how we as a worldwide sisterhood can help and support our fellow sisters, draw attention to current day inequalities and the struggles we still face.

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Favourite Songs Of All Time

This week Thurston Moore’s Favourite Songs Of All Time were published in The Fly. It was a rad list and made me think about what mine would be. They didn’t give him a number, just requested his favourites and he sent back 38! After a pretty intense week, i’m stoked to sit and immerse myself in all my favourite songs and create my list. Here goes in no particular order..

Sonic Youth ‘Stereo Sanctity’

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There is Wonder in Most Everything I See…


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